Important Comet Yearbook Information

Class of 2015: The yearbooks were shipped directly to graduating seniors (Class of 2015). If you ordered a book but did not receive it, please check on the following before sending an email:

  • If you are a senior and did not receive an ordered yearbook, please check with your postal carrier to see if the book is at the post office that serves your location.

  • post office that serves your location.If you had a change of address, please check with your postal carrier to see if the book is at the 

  • If you placed an order for a yearbook after June 10th, your yearbook was shipped to the school.

Underclassmen: The underclassmen who had ordered a yearbook will receive their books in homeroom during week #2 of the school year.

If you have any questions regarding your 2014-2015 yearbook order contact me at:

Please email me the following information:
1) Full name of the student
2) Mailing address submitted to Jostens
3) Student’s year of graduation


** Please keep in mind that this is a student-based production; the students volunteer a great deal of time and effort to complete the yearbook in a timely manner and with minimal errors. They are not paid professionals, and this is not a product produced by adults in a professional environment. I am very proud of their work and the final product.

Thank you for requesting information on a 2015 yearbook. We did order extra yearbooks. The extra copies of yearbooks will be sold starting September 14th.


The yearbooks will be sold from my classroom (room 259) or the high school main office.  Students can report to my classroom (beginning September 14th) during homeroom or in between classes to purchase a book OR student/parent can stop by the high school main office (beginning
September 14th) during the regular school hours to purchase a book.

• The books will be sold on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last.
• The cost of the book will be $105, cash or check made payable to Comet Yearbook.

Extra Yearbooks Available for Purchase on September 14!

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